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Just Plain Strange

Fling The Cow :: Exactly as the name says... fling a cow from a catapult onto a target.  Includes a flash and non-flash version.

Wild Mood Swings :: Choose your mood and this site takes you to a site to suit you.

Mullet Junky :: Dedicated to perhaps the best haircut ever and the proud men and women who wear them.

GlobalSpot :: Dubbed "the spot for curing boredom on the Internet"

Energy Drink Review :: Do you like mixing ginseng with your guarana?

Amazing Camera :: Let your computer monitor take a picture of you.  No special equipment or software is required.  Try it out for free.

The Confessional :: Fun, anonymous real-life confessions and stories - It's time to confess your sins.

iGossip :: Loaded with weird news and gossip.

Astral Zone 4 :: Super hero fantasy science-fiction transformation entertainment.

Vegetable Cruelty :: Home of the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement.

R U P? :: Online breathalyzer test and blood alcohol content calculator.

The Shopping List Compendium :: When you throw away your shopping list at the end of your trip to the grocery store, this guy finds them... and posts them on the web.

Your Daily Media :: A new video, game, picture or animation added every 2 hours.  Features lots of videos of people doing strange stuff.

Way Out Auctions :: This site keeps an eye on all the strange auctions going on over at Ebay.

Happy Food :: Ever wondered what your favorite food would look like with a happy face?

2Secret :: Get that secret off your chest, anonymously.

American Inventor Spot :: Wacky products and silly inventions.

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