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Very Funny Cartoons :: Random collection of funny cartoons.

Random Funny Jokes :: A different joke each time.

Headline Humor :: Hilarious real images from around the globe including funny signs, headlines, classified ads and more.

Pick The Worst :: You are presented with two bad options.  It is your job to determine which of the two is the worst.  Very funny and entertaining site. :: Jokes, cartoons and other funny diversions.

The Onion :: America's finest (parody) news source.

Joking Around :: Includes jokes, pictures and links to other humor sites. :: See what the "Star Wars Kid" hype is all about.  Funny!

iWorkWithFools :: Real stories about the dumb things that stupid coworkers do.

Zany Laughs :: Contains a large collection of funny pictures and jokes.

General Comics :: Every Monday new selected funny pictures cartoons are shown to subscribers.

Humor Hour :: Lots of funny stuff on this site.

F the Man :: Very funny original humor.

Dave's Daily :: Funny, strange and bizarre news stories and pictures from around the world.

The Peppercorn Kid :: A website for some good old fashioned humor like Mom used to make.

Fast Humor :: Funny pictures, jokes, cartoons, videos and more.

Bill's Bitter Pills :: A sarcastic, satirical, humorous blog about life as we know it.

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