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Boredom Poll
Would you care if you found out your best friend was gay?


Previous Poll Results

Previous Poll Results

What is your favorite candy bar?

Other: 34.66%

Snickers: 26.14%

Twix: 17.05%

Kit Kat: 14.77%

Nestle Crunch: 7.39%

Total Votes: 176
  Of the candy bars listed, the Snickers was the big winner from this poll.  However, it appears that we must have failed to include a few favorites as the 'Other' category pulled down more than 34% of the votes.  In hindsight, we realize that the Hershey bar and others should have been listed.  We were, however, surprised at the poor performance of the Nestle Crunch bar.
Which sitcom was the best?

Alf: 37.28%

Diff'rent Strokes: 27.60%

Punky Brewster: 20.79%

Mr. Belvadere: 8.60%

Webster: 5.73%

Total Votes: 279
  According to our visitors, of the sitcoms listed, Alf was the best of the bunch with over 37% of the total votes.  Maybe its the recent marketing blitz from a telephone company that features our furry friend.  We were personally rooting for Diff'rent Strokes as Gary Coleman was, in our opinion, the man.  No surprise at the loser in the group.  Webster was indeed a truly awful show (although more than 5% of the participants in our poll would disagree).
Did you ever have a mullet?

No: 81.26%

Yes: 18.74%

Total Votes: 603
  We were very pleased with the results of our little "demographic test" disguised as a mullet poll.  The fact that over 80% of our visitors never wore a Mississippi Mudflap makes us very happy indeed!
Have you ever farted and then blamed it on someone else?

Yes: 86.88%

No: 13.12%

Total Votes: 541
  The only thing that we can conclude from the results of this poll is that nearly 87% of our visitors are immature.  We applaud the remaining 13% who either a) have never farted or b) owned up to their actions.
Who was your favorite character on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show?

Daisy Duke: 46.92%

Bo Duke: 11.62%

Cooter: 10.93%

Rosco: 9.79%

Other: 8.66%

Luke Duke: 6.61%

Boss Hogg: 5.47%

Total Votes: 439
  This one turned out to be no contest.  You don't get a style of shorts named after you for being unpopular, so we suppose this comes as no surprise.  A few other notable observations:

Bo Duke was nearly twice as popular as Luke Duke.
Cooter ranked surprisingly high on the poll, getting beat by only Daisy and Bo Duke.
Boss Hogg was the least popular option in the poll.  This confirms our theory that many people discriminate against short, fat, greedy, bald men who like to eat greasy ribs.
Nearly 9% voted for "other"... After putting the poll together, we realized that Uncle Jesse was left off.  We suspect most "other" votes were for our favorite Uncle and not Enos.

Which Quentin Tarantino movie was the best?

Pulp Fiction: 49.22%

Kill Bill V1: 19.06%

Reservoir Dogs: 15.42%

Kill Bill V2: 12.31%

Jackie Brown: 3.99%

Total Votes: 577

  Pretty much how I would have imagined this one turning out, with the exception of Kill Bill V2 scoring lower than Kill Bill V1.  In my opinion V2 was by far the better of the two movies, although I liked V1 much better the second time I saw it.  About half of you thought Pulp Fiction was the best.  I'm guessing that the 4% that picked Jackie Brown had a family member as an extra in the movie.




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