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Games & Fun

If you find yourself bored, we have selected a range of websites with online games of skill, strategy, sports, and more.  These games help pass the time when you are sitting bored at home.

Shooting Games :: Shooting, fighting and sports games.

Free Online Games :: Huge collection of free online games.

PicWarp :: Warp the face of famous people.

Online Sketch Pad :: Scribble, doodle or draw on this interactive sketch pad.

Brain Games :: A collection of online games that require some brain power to play.  Try IQ Test!

Test Your Response Time :: Are your reflexes what they used to be?

Yahoo! Games :: Free online games, single and multi-player.  Choose from popular classics like chess, backgammon, hearts and solitaire.

Free Arcade :: 150+ free online games.  No signups or registration required to play.

Dos Games :: Tons of shareware/freeware DOS games that you can download and play on your PC.  This site has many of the 'classics'!

Games Craze :: Play free online games, including many Flash games.

VirtualExp Psy Animations :: Site featuring psychedelic animations and virtual reality. :: Web site full of free online games.

Arcade Nut:: Web site full of free online games.

Play Mind Games:: A virtual playground for the mind.

Free Game Downloads :: Download fantastic games for your PC for free.

Game Slick :: Very large collection of online games.

Halftime Games :: Even more online games.

Astral Visuals :: Hypnotizing visuals and mind expanding virtual reality.

Free Web Arcade :: Thousands of free online games.

Sammy the Salmon :: Swim a salmon upstream as fast as possible while trying to collect perfume for extra points.

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